Best Reasons to Adopt a Child

Most popular of course is when a couple can’t have their own child but want to experience parenting.
Close to this is when there are genetic problems (when a couple carries genes for certain inherited disorders) or hereditary diseases.
A woman shared her motive for adopting which I found interesting- she wanted a child but not the pregnancy and labor pains that precede its birth. She laughed at my surprise, and told me that her husband liked the idea because he didn’t want to risk having a boy (this daddy wanted a girl), and abortion was out of the question. Besides, “since there are so many children in need of parents, we see no reason to have our own”. Very thoughtful.
Every child needs love and warmth to flourish in the same way a plant needs sunlight and water. Giving the probability of love, safety and a great education and life to a kid who’s odds for these aren’t in his favor, can be the most meaningful and rewarding experience. Just beware of the latest obstacle known as "adoption disruption". Remember that the authorities have their own reasons and agenda.